10T Belgium has, by its own know-how and a technology financing program of the regional government, developed skills, technology and a suite of workflow-optimized development tools.

The name of this technology is NeoReality Engine™.
  NeoReality is an integrated video game production platform made of several innovative tools and engines (3d graphics rendering, physics, AI, game-specific scripting language, etc) that enables 10TB :

to tremendously increase the quality of games
to decrease development costs and generate substantial economies of scale by reusing code for multiple games
to foster creativity by removing technical constraints

NeoReality can power games on all current generation platforms and the next generation of platforms: Xbox360, Wii and Playstation3.

In addition to having its own proven technology, 10T Belgium has integrated various tools into the NeoReality production chain to ensure speed and quality in asset production. Having its own 300 m² motion capture facility, equipped with a PhaseSpace optical system with 16 cameras, artists can quickly create very realistic character animations by capturing the movements of real actors. 10T Belgium also has its own 3d laser scanner at its disposal to scan real world characters and objects for greater realism and speed.



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