10Tacle Studios Belgium’s team has grown to over 50 people in the last year, consisting of managers/directors, software engineers, artists, designers and IT and administration. All key people are veteran in the game industry and have around 20 years of experience.
  As an organization, the 10T Belgium hierarchy is relatively flat, using “Scrum” and Agile development as a production methodology. In Scrum, the Production Teams are “self managed” and are coordinated by the Production Director.
In this structure, one or more Scrum Production Teams work on a game and on its specific technologies.

Next to the production teams, a Shared Team is in charge of unifying project specific technologies into a shared common technology framework (NeoReality) that in turn is used as the basis for future and ongoing game developments. The Shared Team also handles the support of the 10T Belgium internal and external production teams.


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